Garden Consultancy


Gardening is one of my greatest passions and since moving to my current home I have had the opportunity to really test my commitment to creating a beautiful and productive outside space!

Seven years ago we purchased our cottage in the lovely village of Eaton in the Vale of Belvoir, the house was barely habitable and the garden- well this is how it looked!


Pretty grim, dark and unloved. It was quite overgrown with unsuitably large, self sown trees and had been closed up with a row of tall conifers, these had been planted, rather understandably, to provide some shelter from the easterly winds. The garden is somewhat exposed being on a a limestone quarry edge and there is quite a climb to the top which is higher than the house roof. So all in all, not an easy prospect, not much chance of having a croquet lawn here!

Seven years on there is still so much to be done, but gardens are not really instant creations- they can be, of course, but those ‘instant tranformations’ lack depth for me.  There is something so magical about a ‘mature’ garden, representing hours of work, passion and devotion. Gardens evolve over time, the plants in them may thrive, sometimes they suffer disease or from poor conditions, they may reproduce or die miserably. All natural life processes are represented here and in my approach i try to be relaxed and let these cycles run on without too much of my interference. Naturally i may experiment a little and i love to buy new plants-there is always a little room for one more!- but i never fret too much over my soil type, i never use chemicals and my pruning is far from text book.