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All Ayurvedic treatments follow a short consultation to assess a client’s ‘dosha’ and establish that the treatment is suitable and that there are no contraindications. A short questionnaire will usually be emailed prior to treatment and all information given is confidential. Ayurvedic treatments are incredibly safe, well tolerated and uplifting! The therapeutic oils used are chosen to suit the individual and are of the highest natural quality suitable for all skin types. I use the award-winning Tri-Dosha range of products which are outstanding.

Currently, alongside Medical Herbalism, I offer the following Ayurvedic treatments-

Marma Abhyanga- Tri-Dosha Energy Flow Massage

A full body massage with warm, medicinal oils. Uses vital points (marma) to increase energy flow throughout the body. Rejuvenating, yet relaxing, nourishing and soothing to all body tissues- muscles, joints and skin. Encourages toxin elimination and eases any discomfort felt in the joints and muscles. Uses varying techniques and pressure plus breath work and stretches.

£65 1 hour duration

Soundaryam Vardhini- Tri-Dosha Holistic Glow Facial

A Tri-dosha Holistic Glow Facial, beautifying, anti aging and prana (energy) increasing. Good for lymphatic drainage, relaxation and leaving a youthful glow. Uses lovely Tri-Dosha products to suit all skins. Includes a lower leg/foot massage whilst the facial products work their magic!

£75 (for best results a course of six is recommended at a discount) 1 hour duration

Padabhyanga- Tri-Dosha Lower Leg and Foot Massage

A traditional massage with deep pressure and marma (vital) point manipulation to increase energy flow. Excellent after flights and for mums-to-be. Relaxing and nourishing to muscles, joints and skin.

£45 30 minutes duration

Mukhabhyanga- Tri-Dosha Pure Radiance Ayurvedic Face Massage

Expect radiant skin from this anti-aging massage. Firming, increasing energy flow, hydrating with attention given to any problem lines. Relaxing and increasing wellness that you can see in the results!

£45 (course of six recommended for best results at a discount) 30 minutes duration

Shirobhyanga- Tri-Dosha Head/Neck/Arm Massage

The head, neck and arms are massaged in this treatment in a special style using warm herbal oils with the client seated. Tension is released by massage of the marma points in a gentle rhythm which relieves stress. It is very nourishing to the scalp and hair and is indicated for headaches and tense muscles.

£35 30 minutes duration

Udvartana- Tri-dosha Detox/Exfoliation Massage

For this treatment, specific, ground ayurvedic herbs are vigorously rubbed over the body to draw out impurities and reduce water retention. it has a natural exfoliating effect leaving the skin cleansed and glowing. This is an excellent treatment to take before a holiday or special event.

£35 (recommended as a longer course with discount) 30 minutes duration

Pinda Sweda- Tri-Dosha Pummelling Massage

This treatment uses a traditional herbal compress containing herbal powders crushed with a pestle and mortar and tied in muslin cloth. The compress is used in conjunction with warm oil applied to the body and aids the effect of the oil through a pummelling massage technique. Very nourishing, strengthening and rejuvenating and great for sports enthusiasts. Pinda Sweda is excellent for stiff or weak joints and muscles, arthritis, inflamed muscles and some skin conditions. Great for toning and detoxifying the skin.

£65 1 hour duration

Shilajita Mumiyo- Tri-Dosha Deep Cleanse Facial

This traditional facial uses soft herbal bundles and lovely Tri-Dosha skin care products especially selected to suit the individual. Highly relaxing and deeply cleansing, this treatment stimulates the marma points, reduces facial tension, tightens and tones the skin and leaves a bright, glowing complexion. Recommended to reduce the signs of aging, for deep cleansing and hydration.

£75 (course of six recommended at a discount) 1 hour duration

Shirodhara- Tri-Dosha Warm Oil Pouring to the Head

This amazing treatment involves the rhythmical pouring of warm oil to the head. Shirodhara has been practised in India for over 4,000 years. The patient lies face up with their eyes covered whilst the warm oil is slowly allowed to flow over the third eye and into the scalp and hair. Highly recommended for stress relief, headaches and general well-being. Excellent for hair and scalp conditioning also.

Currently unavailable but coming soon! Awaiting equipment.


To book any treatment please call Victoria on 07791533424 or email at victoriaemward@hotmail.co.uk.

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