Working Together For Wellness

Running your own business can be quite an isolating experience, often i find myself working alone and trying to find different ways to maintain the energy levels required to be forward thinking, inspired and motivated.

Recently i have been lucky enough to collaborate with a couple of local wellness professionals on their retreats and have found it to be a really worthwhile experience. The first of my collaborations was with Helen Dixon of, Helen is a local Ashtanga Yoga teacher possessing phenomenal energy and enthusiasm, supporting many people to embrace this challenging form of yoga. I was delighted to be invited to offer Ayurvedic treatments for the final day of Helen’s retreat and i think we both felt it worked really well. I found working together ensured a greater reach from the marketing campaign as we shared to our respective social media followers and the motivation to do so came from a desire to support each other.

This is what the business of ‘wellness’ is all about, sharing visions, manifesting ideas, engendering positive energies that are mutually beneficial rather than viewing other wellness professionals as competitors. Working with other wellness professionals raises the profile and reach of all our work whilst gaining us friends along the way!

The second collaborative project i recently undertook was a Herb Walk through some lovely local countryside, this was an offering to complement another local yoga teachers’ retreat day, Lisa Brindley of ‘Revitalise Wellbeing’ Her lovely retreat day ‘An Invigorating Trio’ offered a special selection of yoga, Tai chi, Quigong and of course, my Mindful Herb Walk. It fitted together rather beautifully and featured below are the happy ‘herb walkers’.

We walked through the gorgeous countryside of Colston Bassett and up to the atmospheric ruins of St Marys’ Church for a guided meditation. We stopped to appreciate the many native medicinal plants we found there, many adorned with beautiful berries which were resplendent in the autumn sunshine.

Collaborations are great and pooling talent leads to richer experiences for those seeking to increase well being and connection.Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate with the Belvoir Herbalist. I can offer Herb Walks, workshops and herbal massage treatments.

Victoria recently supplied Ayurvedic treatments for my Yoga Retreat. She was absolutely brilliant, everyone loved their various treatments. She also kindly supplied samples of her beautiful homemade products for some welcome gift packs I organised for guests. I would highly recommend working with Victoria and I will definitely be using her again for future Retreats!  
Kind regards,
Helen Taylorson
HD Yoga

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