World Sleep Day…How Herbal Medicine Can Help

Today is ‘World Sleep Day’ and the purpose of having this event is not only to promote the benefits of healthy sleep patterns, but also to highlight the detrimental effects to individuals and society as a whole, that sleep deprivation causes.

Having issues with sleeping patterns is one of the most common reasons for people to seek alternative treatments, this is because of the unwanted side effects associated with ‘sleeping pills’ and the fear of becoming too reliant on them.

Herbal Medicine has in it’s armory many great plants that can help promote a good night’s sleep, often herbalists prescribe a formulation of different herbs in a ‘sleep mix’.

Which plants to choose depends on varying factors, there is no one ‘fix all’ approach in herbal medicine. Considerations for choosing remedies will be based on general lifestyle, individual constitution and overall well being.

The issue with gaining a good night’s sleep could have emotional roots- stress, anxiety and depression may play their part. Hormonal imbalances frequently effect sleep quality as can any condition which causes pain and discomfort.

Patterns of sleep will be examined during the consultation- is the problem falling asleep? Is there an issue with disturbed sleep? Or is it simply the quality of the sleep. Perhaps, even, too much sleep is the issue!

Whatever the cause or pattern, there are many herbs to help, as i mentioned earlier, often a mixture of select liquid tinctures is indicated.

For expert advice on improving sleep patterns please consult a qualified Medical Herbalist and sleep well!

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