A Visit to the ‘Wellness Wagon’……


If you have visited the Engine Yard Retail Village you cannot have failed to spot the ‘Wellness Wagon’ stood in all its glory occupying a prominent position overlooking the site. It’s not something you would expect to find in any old retail park, but the Engine Yard is not your run of the mill shopping destination, its awash with charm and character and just a tad quirky.

The theme of whimsicality led to the creation of this unusual therapy space, but do not underestimate the underlying commitment to ‘wellness’ that myself and the other therapists who work from the wagon possess.

What the wagon offers is a charming and intimate space in which you can enjoy your chosen treatment, whether that be the start of addressing a particular health concern or  the indulgence in a bit of pampering.

Once inside the wagon, you really can escape from the outside world, the particular design is beautiful with some exceptional artistry commissioned by the Duchess of Rutland. The fabric covered interior creates a sense of being cocooned within something rather sumptuous, combine that with the warmth that collects from the fire, the aromas that fill the space, soft lighting and ambient sounds and you have the most beguiling and relaxing environment in which to relax and heal.

We have already had children visit our lovely wagon and it is such a welcoming space for them compared with some conventional medical settings which may look very clinical and feel quite intimidating. A visit to the wagon is something they can look forward to enhancing the therapeutic outcome.

Keep following the social media pages to keep up to date with offerings at the Wellness Wagon and why not book a treatment or even hire this special space to host your own event or pop up shop!






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