Welcome to ‘Hunter-Gatherer Medicine’ a natural healthcare provider running purely on plant power! Victoria Ward aka the ‘Belvoir Herbalist’ is the founder of this rural enterprise based in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, the aims and values of the business are as follows-

To offer people seeking natural health solutions and lifestyle enhancements effective alternatives based on drug free treatments derived from plant sources.

The promotion, protection and celebration of the countryside. Guiding people in their exploration of the natural landscape, assisting with the identification of medicinal plants, encouraging sympathetic and responsible foraging of edible/medicinal species that can be utilised in the promotion of well being.

To work in a way which is harmonious with nature and natural cycles, not only minimizing any negative impact but working in a way that greatly benefits the environment.

Hunter-gatherer medicine celebrates all the ways in which plants, and the environment we all share, can enhance our well being. Victoria extends a welcome to anybody wishing to experience this to join her either on a herb walk or to participate in a workshop. Through the immersive process of awakening all your senses within the natural environment, you will reap the rewards of this process and feel a greater connection to it.

To learn more about Victoria Ward, the ‘Belvoir Herbalist’ and founder of ‘Hunter-gatherer Medicine, please read her story here (bio coming soon)

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On Friday I had the pleasure of having a Ayurvedic Full Body massage by the amazing @huntergatherermedicine it is now Tuesday and I am still feeling the benefits of it! I highly recommend you get in contact with Victoria @huntergatherermedicine she works wonders with warm oil and releases pressure points working with the energy lines of the body so I walked out feeling taller, more relaxed and glowing! Also if you haven’t been to @sunita.passi wellness centre @engineyardbelvoir you have to it is such a lovely warm relaxing environment and some amazing treatments on offer. Victoria does the Ayurvedic treatments at all of my yoga retreats and the reviews have been wonderful. Please check her out.

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